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Blackjack Double Down

When a player wishes to double his bet in the game of blackjack after his hand has been dealt, he can do so by signalling that he wants a double down. The dealer will place one card horizontally over the top card and there will be no more cards dealt for that particular hand. Doubling your bet and receiving only one card in return can seem like good idea to some, but according to prefect strategy, doubling should be done according to the official strategy card for the particular Blackjack game.

Making a Choice

Doubling is an interesting choice, and it could pay quite well when done properly. Don’t forget to check the casino/table rules before sitting down. Blackjack is infamous for its diversity throughout the gambling world, and each casino is responsible for employing its own set of rules and regulations.

The first thing you need to check out is whether you can double on any two cards or just on hands that total 9,10 or 11. Doubling after a split will lower the house edge with 0.13% to 0.42%. Doubling on 10 and 11 value hands, will increase the house edge to 0.76%. It can be frustrating to some that doubling down often leaves new players feel cheated when they lose. Doubling down should be done strictly under the directions of the strategy card. Usually new player rely more on the hunches (as seen in the Hollywood flicks), which often leads to bad decision making and unnecessary frustration. But if a player learns to use his strategy card (or learn how to count cards) he can start seeing big winnings, even on small wagers.

When should I double down?

One situation where doubling down has been proven to show the best results, is when a player is holding a total of 11 in his hand. This number works perfectly, because whatever card you hit, you can never bust. Because there are so many 10 Cards in the deck (10, J, Q, K), the chance of hitting a blackjack is also very high.

If you have a pair of 5s, don’t be tempted to split. Splitting a valuable pair such as this is definitely not a good idea; even if the dealer isn’t showing anything significant. It is better to use your 5s as a 10 and double down. The basic idea is to double down on numbers that are soft, or otherwise can’t bust. On the other hand, if you double down on low numbers, you are risking a low end total. Remember, that once you double down a hand, that hand can no longer receive anymore hits. If you have a pair of 2s, and you double down; even if you hit an Ace, that only brings you to 15. When dealt a small pair, it is just better to split, hit and double down after that (Some casinos wont allow doubling down after splitting a hand; others only when splitting Aces).

You should also double down if the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6, and you have a Soft 13 – 18. Doubling on hard hands higher than 12, hides the risk of a bust. The higher the number, the bigger the risk.

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