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Published on January 26th, 2014 | by Steve Gardman

Honesty of Online Casinos

The subject about the honesty of online casinos is another topic altogether. There are certainly lots of online scams (we are going to talk more about that subsequently) and you should be careful not to fall victim to one of those. The good news is that, this being the information age, you easily check out what other people think about certain establishments.

You can review comments, do research about a site, see ratings and even visit forums. There are even specialized sites that offer reviews. So even though it’s possible to become one of the many unfortunate victims of online fraud, it’s also quite possible to protect yourself if you don’t rush into anything. A little tip we can give you here is to check several different sources before you decide that a certain online casino is trust-worthy. Some of the review sites are actually sponsored by casinos, which makes them biased and subjective.

However, if there are a few different sites saying that an online casino is good, and there are many people supporting this view, then it’s probably true. Another thing you can look out for is the casino’s rating in the search engines. If it’s a popular one and many people visit, it will probably have a good reputation, too, which basically means it’s safe. Always count on at least several of these “tells” before you decide whether or not you want to gamble there. If there is a lot of proof that a site is legitimate, then it probably is. Basically, you want to stick with the big dogs. Don’t let some small online ventures fool you into giving them your money because you might never see it again. It’s quite possible the same will happen when you choose a reputable site, but there the cause is probably going to be legitimate gambling losses.

We don’t want to bash on small sites. We are sure that there are many high quality sites that have just taken off and simply need some time to establish themselves as players on the market. That being said, small online casinos are usually much less secure, have less helpful personnel and take way too long to perform a payment. You can end up waiting for weeks on end before you receive your profits.

This may not seem like much (you are getting them in the end, right?) but in some circumstances it can be quite problematic. The important part is to always remember that you can never, ever count on money that’s not your bank account right now. This is probably the best financial tip we can give you (not just about gambling, but about life as well). Always make your plans disregarding money you don’t have at the moment of the plan’s inception. This way you are protecting yourself from the unpleasant surprises that will inevitably occur somewhere along the way.

So how safe is your money in an online casino setting? As you can see, it’s not 100% safe, but we consider it’s safe enough. We’ve played a lot and done extensive research on the subject at up until this point we haven’t had any problems with payments or other financial issues. However, ultimately it’s up to you whether you think it’s worth the risk or not.

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