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Multi Hand Blackjack

It is no secret that conventional Blackjack games are becoming less interesting; as people are getting used to the old, stagnant rules. Multi-Hand Blackjack is just like any blackjack game; the only difference being that the player can now play up to 5 hands at the same time, instead of the usual 1 hand! Each hand is treated separately from the rest, but all hands must beat the same set of cards (the dealer’s). Each hand must be finished before the second one can be played. As far as the actual rules are concerned, the game shares many commonalities with Atlantic City Blackjack and European Style Blackjack respectively.

Playing Blackjack

The game is played using 8 decks; each deck features the standard 52, 4-suit assortment of cards. Aces can be either 1 or 11; number cards (2-10) are valued as indicated; and all face cards (King, Queen, Jack) are regarded as 10s. The object of the game is (beating the dealer) getting closer to 21 without going over. The dealer will be playing as well, but he will be keeping one card face-up and the other face-down, while you have to keep both your cards (all 5 pairs of them) face-up at all times. Depending on the cards you were dealt, you can either:

Hit – Draw an additional card/cards until you’ve reached 21 (blackjack), or come the closest without going over.

Stand – If you are already near the desired 21 zone, hitting additional cards might be a bad idea (remember, once you go over the 21 mark, you bust/lose, even if the dealer goes over 21 as well). Standing refers to not wanting any additional cards.

Split – If you have a pair or two 10 value cards in a single hand, you can split them into two separate hands (you must add another bet; equal to your original bet). Let’s say you have two Jacks (J,J) and wish to split. The dealer will move one Jack to the side and deal both of them an additional card. For example one Jack is dealt an Ace (J,A) and the other is dealt a 6 (J,6). Now each hand is treated independently (you can hit, stand, split and double); so you will have 21 in one hand (10+11=21) and soft 16 in the other (10+6=16). A ‘splitted’ 21 is not called a ‘blackjack’, just 21 (like in the example above). The difference is that hitting a blackjack pays 3 to 2, where as 21 only pays even money. Some casinos have special rules in regards to making a split; especially when splitting Aces (see below). In some variations of the game, you can split again (usually up to 4 hands total), assuming that you are playing a single hand only.

*In Multi-Hand Blackjack, splitting is allowed (5 X 2 = 10 hands total), just not re-splitting. Also, when splitting Aces, you will be dealt a single card only (no additional hitting is permitted).

Double – You can also double your bet by asking the dealer for a ‘double down’. The dealer will take your bet and only give you one card in return. If you win, you double your winning; if you lose, you lose double. Usually you can double after a split (put one more card on each of the two ‘split’ hands), but that depends solely on the casino and style of blackjack in question.

*In Multi-Hand Blackjack, doubling down after a split is allowed.

Surrender – Sometimes you can chose to forfeit the game in order to receive half your bet back. In Multi-Hand Blackjack, there is no surrender.
Insurance – If the dealer has an Ace showing, you can ask for insurance (in case his other card is a 10). If the dealer indeed has a blackjack, you get paid 2 to1 (with a bet not greater than half the original). You still must play all five hands against the dealers though.

Winning a game

Once you have placed all 5 bets inside the designated area, the dealer will start dispensing cards. Like I mentioned earlier, you have to finish one hand before moving on to the next. So you will be dealt only one hand at a time. Finish it, and you will get one more until all 5 bets have been justified. The dealer’s cards stay the same through all five hands. If the dealer busts, you win all 5 hands (unless you have busted as well), but if the dealer gets a natural (blackjack,21), you lose all five hands (unless you have a natural as well).

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