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Casino Deposit Options

Published on January 24th, 2014 | by Steve Gardman

Paypal Casino Deposit


Find a comprehensive list of reputable Paypal online casino sites. Create an account at online casinos that accept deposits with Paypal and play your favorite casino games. PayPal is one of the most popular and secure payment methods, allowing to transfer money via the Internet. It is an online payment platform which serves as an alternative to the traditional method of using paper money. Founded in the USA in 1998, PayPal has become an important international payment service. It is used by over two hundred million people from all over the world, who want to purchase goods and services or send and receive money quickly and easily. PayPal is considered one of the leading online payment methods with its high level of security and simplicity.

What Casino Games You Can Play with Paypal

  • Blackjack games including Atlantic City, Vegas Strip, Multi Hand, Single Deck Blackjack
  • Roulette games: French Roulette, American Roulette, European Roulette
  • Baccarat and Craps games
  • Slots: 3 reel, 4 reel, jackpot slots, progressive slots
  • Video poker games

How It Works

The idea behind PayPal is nothing complicated – it’s simply a software which allows customers to transfer money between computers. It is used by businesses and individuals worldwide who use the platform to make financial transfers. It is very easy to use PayPal. To get starter, it is necessary to create an account and then link your credit/debit card or a bank account to your PayPal account. To send money, all you have to do is to type a receiver’s e-mail address, which serves as their PayPal account. The software keeps a detailed history of every outgoing or ingoing money transfer that you have made which makes it very easy to follow closely your purchases or received finance.

There is a transaction fee which depends on the country which money is sent to but it is usually pretty low. In case the transaction requires currency conversion, a retail exchange rate is used, which is determined by an external financial institution. When transferring money, you can either use your bank card, linked to your account, or you can directly use money from your PayPal balance. In the first case, you will be charged a small fee, while the second one is free.


PayPal works with American Express, MasterCard, VISA and Discover cards. It’s compatible with Android devices, iPhone and iPad, which makes it easy to use on the go.

Creating An Account

Creating a PayPal account is very easy and it only takes a few minutes. All you need is a valid e-mail address and a valid credit or debit card to link to your account. You can choose signing in for either a personal or a business account, then you enter your information, such as name, address and bank card number and in a few clicks you are ready. Creating a personal account is free, while a business one charges a small amount. After creating an account, you have to wait for your bank to send you a number which you enter in the website of PayPal to activate your account. And there you are ready to transfer money and make purchases online.

Making A Payment With PayPal

To make a payment via PayPal, all you have to do is log into your account, enter the total amount you want to send and then enter the e-mail address of the recipient. Easy, simple and fast.

Withdrawing Money With PayPal

To withdraw money from your PayPal balance to your card, you have follow a few simple steps. Log into your account, then go to ‘Withdraw’, enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction. Depending on your bank, it might take up to a few days.

Advantages Of Using PayPal

Using PayPal has many advantages. It’s free to open a personal account, free to send money from your card to your PayPal balance and also free to make a standard withdrawal to your bank account. It also provides absolute security and is extremely easy to use.

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