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Playing Best Odds in Craps

The game of craps is not that complicated and when you know the best odds, you can play them and win more frequently. Time and again I see people throwing their money at the house in the hopes of beating the house at its own game. This rarely happens when you don’t play the best odds. Some of the bets people play are so terrible, they give the house an gigantic edge, which means that there is almost no way you can win. This is something to keep in mind – no matter how big the pay-off is, if you can’t win, it’s money thrown away.

But let’s put things into perspective. Let’s say you’re a new player and this is your first time at the Craps table. Of course, you’re not going to try making the complicated bets. You will probably simply place a Line Bet (place your chip on the Pass Line) and see what happens. Let’s say you bet $100 (you’re feeling adventurous your first time).

Below is a a chart with all possible bets in Craps


A Few Examples

The Shooter throws a 9 and that number becomes the Point. You don’t place any initial bets. In the next roll, the Shooter hits 9 again. At this moment, everyone on the table explodes with joy and satisfaction while you look around unsure of what’s happening. Next, the Shooter throws a 7 and the game is over. You win. Congratulations. You get your $100 and win $100 profit. You got lucky.

Now, imagine you’d already read this guide. Same as before, you bet $100, same as before the Shooter throws a 9. This time, though, you place the maximum Odds Bet (which is 4 times in this scenario since the casino is following the common standards). You bet an additional $400. The Shooter throws 9 again.

At this point, you are the happy one, and you are the one exploding with joy. You’re in the game. You feel a thrill like no other. On the next roll, the Shooter throws a 7 and you win. It’s a great feeling. You’ve won. Now let’s take a look at your winnings. You get the even from your initial Line Bet ($100) and you get paid 3-2 for the Odds Bet, which is $600.

You walk away with $700 profit. It’s true that you risk $500, and that rarely you will get so lucky, but in this particular scenario you knew what you were doing and you made a huge profit for it. This is what Craps is all about. Always place the best bets and you will have a much bigger chance of winning. If you don’t, you might as well walk to the dealer and tell donate your money to the house because by placing bad bets, this is essentially what you’re doing.

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