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Roulette Betting Strategies

Learn what are the most popular roulette betting strategies including: Martingale betting system, Labouchère system and d’Alembert system. A person who never played live roulette, can never know that gushy feeling you get, when you have just bet all your chips and worldly possessions on a single spin of the roulette. A smart player will tell you to bet on what your heart tells you. But a really smart player will open up his strategy guides, odd manuals and probability charts, and starts working with pocket calculator.

Needless to say a well thought out strategy sure sounds like a much safer bet than pushing the odds in favour of supernatural premonitions. When I play for big money, I always remember to check the good old strategy book, before putting anything too big at the table. In this guide, we are going to discuss some popular roulette strategies that are sure to help beat the house edge, and better your odds when playing the game.

Martingale Betting System

The Martingale system offers gambles a quick and easy way to beat the game, or people think anyway. When we take a closer look at the odds themselves, it is clear that the risk far out-weights the merit (*we will be going over that in a minute). The system itself is pretty straight-forward; a player betting on even money bets will double his wager after a loss. Most commonly, people prefer to play on reds/blacks, although all bets are acceptable, as long as they pay 1:1. I will give an example of how this works: I sit at any roulette table and put $5 on black to win.


If I lose the spin I would then double my bet to $10. Should I lose the $10, I would double to $20, then to $40, $80, $160 etc. Eventually, I am hoping that the ball will land on black and I would double my last bet. If I lost 6 times on a $5 bet, that adds up to $315 that I invested in this strategy. If I should would win the $160 bet, that will raise me to $320, which is a $5 profit overall. Let’s not forget that every roulette table has a maximum betting limit. Should I lose more than 6 times ($160, $320, $640, $1280…) the wagers become so big, the table will stop accepting them at one point? So I have just invested $1280 in the hopes that I would win only $5? Not the best strategy if you are not a High Roller (and the table permits it).

Labouchère system

Compared to the Martingale system, the Labouchère system is considered been a much more subtle strategy, that even tends to inspire the imagination. The betting starts with the player conjuring a number. This is what he is hoping to bring home from the casino. He must then write a list of positive numbers, whose sum total equals that of the aforementioned end numbers. At the start of each spin, the player will bet the sum total of the first and last number, on the list. If the spin favours the player, he would then strike the two numbers off the list.


If however the player loses, the numbers are added to the back of list instead. This will go on until all the numbers have been crossed out from the list, or more likely – when the player runs out of money. It is important to know that all bets must be even bets, which is the reason the stakes are clearly against the player. For one, the chances of the ball landing on either even number is not exactly 50/50. Let’s not forget that the house is playing one/two zero sLearn what are the most popular roulette betting strategies including: Martingale betting system, Labouchère system and d’Alembert system.lots, which brings down the total percentage to 47.37%.

d’Alembert system

Players looking for a clever ways to beat the odds should look at the d’Alembert system (also referred to as a negative progression system). Basically a player will increase his bet when he loses, and increase his bet when he wins. The d’Alembert system basically makes use of the alternating even numbers. On a losing streak, the system numbers will progress by 1 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.), and so will the money you need to bet. The aim of the game is to get smaller, but more consistent wins, and not chase loses like some other systems would have you do. Sadly, if one falls under the spell of a losing streak, the end result will always end up in a loss. A consecutive loss would be Lose, Lose, Lose, Win, and Win, Lose, Lose, Win, Lose, Lose, Lose, and Win; which results in 6 chips/units lost. A good win will be considered Win, Win, Win, Win, Lose, Lose, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, and Win; bringing a total of 10 chips/units profit.


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