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Roulette Evolution

Roulette has been around for full two centuries now; drawing its popularity from the ingenious/colourful random number generator, that we colloquially refer to as the wheel. If it wasn’t for that spinning miracle of easy winnings, the game would hardly register any interest at all. The game of roulette and its trademarked wheel, have become the echelon of casino establishments around the world; portraying the game as the very soul of gambling halls around the world.

In Europe, it is practically impossible to sit at a roulette table, unless you are a High Roller or have been waiting for a while. In fact, legal roulette games account for almost half of all gambling revenue on the Old Continent. This is not true for countries like the United States, where gamblers rarely pay any attention (+/-5%) to the roulette table (let alone be fascinated by it).

European casinos prosper on the account of their roulette tables; mostly because the odds themselves favour the players much more, than let’s say in America. This is because most European casinos employ the French roulette wheel; which we know has only one house number. The only game that is actually more favourable than French/European roulette is baccarat.

Of course, the United States is not a country which would pass up the chance to score a profit; even if it means bending the rules a little. According to recent pools, there is a documented rise in roulette players during these last couple of years. This shows that whatever American casinos are doing, they better keep up the good job. Some well-known changes to the standard American-wheel game include:

Installing Single Zero Tables

It is no secret that removing the 00 number slot will lower the house edge, giving players bigger chances of winning. This tendency, even still in its infancy, is typical for more ‘modern’ casinos (casinos that have been built recently), like the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, which was build 1996.

Installing Electronic Readers

Hearing the attendant say ’13, black” is a practise, still left form the days before computers, and technology wasn’t readily available . Living in the 21st century however, gives casinos opportunities to implement more ‘futuristic’ means by which to handle their games. Electronic readers will scan and project the outcome of every single spin; thus making the game seem more attractive to the people playing.

Increasing The Betting Limit

Increasing the betting limit on both inside and outside bets, gives system players a bigger opportunity for quick and easy profit. The minimum bet requirement however, pretty much stays the same and is not the subject of any worth-while changes.

All of these changes have been made so the average American player feel comfortable when sitting at the roulette table. New roulette enthusiasts are thus welcome to learn and practise the game, and exploit the odds to their advantage. The more knowledge and experience a player has, the more likely it is for him to win.

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This guide will demonstrate all the different ways by which to beat the house, and move the odds in your favours. Even without having to resort to back-alley cheating tricks, the average player still has a chance of beating the system.

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