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Published on January 26th, 2014 | by Steve Gardman

What is Sign Up Casino Bonus

This question is a bit more complicated than one would initially think. A sign-up bonus can be anything the casino offers you once you sign-up. This can vary from bonuses over your initial deposit to a flat bonus given to everybody regardless of their deposit. Some casinos offer up to 300% your initial deposit as a bonus. Sounds good, right? The problem is that it’s not that simple.

Every service online has terms and conditions you need to agree with before you proceed to using the said service. Most people click accept without even reading the terms and conditions and then they wonder why they have been “cheated”. What most online casinos do is not basically a scam, but more like an advertising or a publicity stunt.

What Deposit Bonus You Can Get

The idea is to get you hooked. 300% over your initial deposit? Sign up! But upon taking a look at the terms and conditions you realize that in order to qualify to get the said bonus, you need to play a certain amount, and even then there is no guarantee that you will get it, because of X, Y and let’s not forget Z. The mentality of clicking accept without reading is as wrong as it can get, but the truth is that most of us do it. Our advice is to actually read the terms before you sign up. There is a lot of useful information there. Don’t fall for these cheap marketing tricks.

There are those who, in our mind, seem like scams because when you think about it, they kind of are. You are given a flat bonus, but first you have to meet the conditions. But in the small print (smaller than the usual small print) it turns out that until you meet these conditions, your money is locked. So if you win at some of the games, you can’t withdraw your money. And if you want to get rid of your account, you can’t do that, either. You need to meet the conditions, which are generally linked to playing certain games that have a huge house edge. Basically, the casino is forcing you to lose a certain amount just because you’ve decided to sign in. Now that’s what we call a scam. You need to be careful with such sites.

Our Advice

Our advice is, “The better an offer sounds, the more scrutiny it deserves!” If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Read all terms and conditions carefully before you agree to anything. Don’t forget this is your money we are talking about here so you can’t just place it wherever. Think carefully about what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter how many pages the terms and conditions are – read them all. And look for fine print, too, because this is where the truth lies. If you don’t you risk being forced by the house to lose a lot of your money, usually several times more than the said “bonus”. Beware from online casinos resorting to such cheap tricks. The established player don’t need to do this. They are making huge profits and have enough users so they really have no interest in lying to their customers.

If something, they can actually lose way more than they would gain. However, smaller casinos have no problem with this. They wouldn’t care about the people they basically rip off as far as they make a buck out of it. Those tricks are cheap and if a site is resorting to them, this should be a clear sign for you to get out of there. Do some more research and find better prospects. There is always a better offer. There are always better odds. The problem is finding them, and all that requires is a bit of time. We’ll talk more about that in subsequent sections.

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