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X-Men Slot Machine

X-Men Marvel Comic Video Slot

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The Marvel Comic Book hero’s of X-Men were an exciting and bigger than life characters and now they’re here at all Cryptologic online casinos in an amazingly graphic and stunning video slot machine! Who can forget the incredible superhero’s from the X-Men series which is now also one of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies. Characters like Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto, Storm, Cyclops, Mystique and Night Crawler! They’re all represented in this video slot machine even the unforgettable Gambit character.

This is a five reel, nine pay-line video slot that offer gamblers the coin denomination of their choice starting at five cents and raising up to the maximum per line bet of $5 making this an affordable online slot for gamblers of all types. Because its part of the Marvel Comic Series of Progressive Slot Machines, which are ‘random’, slots meaning anyone can win a jackpot at anytime for any reason, making the games that much more exciting to play.

Random Jackpots

Random jackpots ranging from the smallest, “Hero’ jackpot which offers a jackpot worth usually in the lower hundreds to the Marvel Hero jackpot that ranges in the tens of thousands. Also included is a normal coin jackpot that can be won continuously if you’re lucky enough to keep hitting the triggering winning combination. This coin jackpot is worth 7,500 coins and the prize total is multiplied by your wagering bet. You can win this coin jackpot by hitting five wild symbols in one spin.

Slot Features

Wild symbols, scatter icons and multiple bonus rounds are included in X-Men video slot and with all these special features, the excitement level that players enjoy is outstanding. The wild symbol is represented by Xavier and will substitute for all other symbols in the game except for the scatter icon. The scatter icon is represented by the X-Men Logo symbol and when hitting two or more your wagering bet will be multiplied by a predetermined amount of times depending on how many scatters were hit. The featured bonus round is also triggered by hitting three of these scatter icons.

Featured Bonus Rounds

Once you activate the bonus round by hitting three or more scatter icons and you are entered into a four-stage bonus screen where you pick your favorite X-Men character to fight against their archrival. Once you pick which X-Men character, you want as your representative in the four different fights that will take place the game will begin. You will see that you and your opponent both have life bars in the corner of the screen; these represent how much life you have left after taking some hits. You win coin prizes by defeating your opponent and draining his life bar and you win extra cash for the amount of life you have left in your bar! This process repeats four times with different rival opponents! Excellent bonus round that isn’t over quickly, you get to perfect your fighting skills to make as much money as possible.

X-Men by Wager Works is one of the great Marvel Comic Series slot games with their highly popular random jackpots which when combined with fantastic graphics and loads of winning opportunities, you can’t ask for a better video slot game to play.

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