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Slots House Edge

In terms of House edge, Slots offer some of the worst bets in the casino. House edge is calculated by the percentage of return the machine makes, meaning that if the return is 85%, then the house edge is 15%. Standards in Vegas may vary significantly, but are in most cases advertised somewhere in the casino (or even in front of it). The most common house edge you will find in Vegas vary from 7 to 17% which is a lot. That being said, there are casinos claiming to offer Slots with only 1% house edge. However this is rather unlikely and in most cases is reserved for specific machines.

If by any chance you happen to notice advertisement claiming such favorable odds, do not hesitate to enter and inquire the Slots manager about the offer, how you can utilize it and for which machines does it actually apply (because it’s usually applies to one or several machines around the house, but not all). This is some useful information you can get so you stand a better chance at winning.

Machines with Highest Chance of Winning

We are also going to give you some inside information about the best machines where you stand the highest chance of winning. As per usual, we are going to warn you that playing Slots is a terrible idea (and we are not going to stop telling you that until we’re sure that the message gets through) and there are no winning strategies.


That being said, some machines, like the ones offering smaller house edge, are still more worth playing than others. Another thing you should pay attention to is the size of the casino. Usually, in big, elite casinos, the machines are rather stingy and carry a huge house edge. This is caused by the fact that most people who walk into those casinos have a larger bankroll and wouldn’t care that much if they lost a few hundred bucks on Slots. Also, these casinos have an extended clientèle so they don’t need to make attempts to cater everything in the house according to their clients’ needs. However, smaller casinos can’t afford to lose clients, so there you will usually have the bigger chance of winning.

Just don’t fall into the illusion that you’re really winning and you will be just fine. In smaller casinos you can also enjoy some more personal treatment but overall, if you have a high bankroll, you would definitely have a better time in one of the more elite casinos. Asking the Slots manger for information about the machines is usually useless if you ask all the wrong questions. Go ahead and ask him if a machine is hot or cold. He’s going to pick a few one-armed bandits at random and will tell if they’re hot/cold and then will enjoy watching you waste your money based on that information. It’s not like he’s lied or anything – it’s just that it doesn’t matter.

Most people ask all the wrong questions, so if you don’t know what the ask the casino or Slots manager, don’t ask anything. However, it’s never a bad idea to ask about the paybacks which will help you to determine the house edge. You should be aware that they won’t always be cooperative but it probably won’t hurt you to try.

Choosing Denominations

Choosing the proper machine won’t be enough in most cases, though. You also need to pick the proper denominations (or in other words the bets you’re making). Generally speaking, the more you bet, the smaller the house edge is which is why most guides would advise you to bet the maximum. Instead of going for the mere quarters, go for the big bucks.
However, even though it’s usually true that the more you bet you are playing with a smaller house edge, it is also true that you’re betting more, by definition you are losing more (unless you’re really lucky). It’s one thing to lose a quarter in a spin, but it’s another thing altogether to lose something like $50. You need to keep these things in mind when you decide to play.

Machine Positions

There are also myths surrounding the Slots positioning. Some claim that certain machines on the sides tend to be looser, while others insist that those automatons are actually placed near the center in most cases so they can attract more attention. The truth is that unless you’re the casino’s Slots manager, you can’t really say which machines are looser and where they are placed (or if even there is a looser machine or not).


Even if there is something suggesting that at a certain point in time there was a machine in the center of a roll that was giving out 1% more than the other machines, casino managers tend to move them around so it’s probably not going to be the same machine when you go to the casino, anyway. Sometimes all the machines in a casino are given the reputation that they offer better payouts.

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That being said, the differences are so small that they are almost unnoticeable and you will only be able to detect them if you try really hard. Don’t just listen to the stories thinking that you’re going to make money out of playing Slots. After all, 1% on the meager winnings is nothing.

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