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Slots Random Number Generator

Learn how the slots work and the random number generator behind them. There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding the otherwise simple Slot machines. On one hand, casinos want you to think that the matter is much more complicated than it actually is. On the other hand, you want to believe that the stories and myths people tell you are true, so you close your eyes to reality and instead thrive in the illusion. This is to be expected, of course. Reality can be quite a mean and nasty place and we all need that little sense of optimistic wonder every once in a while. However, sheer belief will not get you far when it comes to gambling. The more you believe the misconceptions, the more likely you are to throw your money away.

How Random Numbers Select the Symbols

We have always said that knowledge is power. The better you understand something, the more control you have over it. This is especially true for gambling. Most gambling enthusiast know full well what they’re doing when they approach the Craps or Blackjack tables. They understand the game. They know the good bets and the bad bets. They know when to gamble and when to save their money. And most of all – they always know when to quit.


Things tend to be a bit different around the Slots, though. People have no idea how the machines work; they don’t know what their chance of winning is and they don’t know when to bet and when to save their money. All they know is that last time they were close to beating the game and now they are going to try again because this time it will be a sure a victory. It’s a truly cute notion – you’re getting closer; a few more coins and you will get the jackpot. We can’t deny that it’s really interesting to see people trying to win for hours on end and fail every time but keep betting because they genuinely believe next time they will get it. However, it’s depressing to see the disappointment in their eyes as they leave the Slot machine with empty pockets in the end. The one-armed bandit has stricken again. Another day, another victim.

All of this is caused by the lack of knowledge. The less you know, the more likely you are to believe the ridiculous ideas people throw at you. Don’t worry – we can fix that. Let’s begin with explaining the random nature of the game and how things actually work so you are no longer led to believe that you have a bigger chance than you actually do.

The Old Days Of Slots

In the olden days of mechanical reels, the “stops” (the eventual symbols you get after pulling the lever) were weighted. This means that some of them used to be more likely to be hit than others. If that weren’t the case, then too many people would have been winning because of the sheer volume of games played. This is how the machines were manufactured. It was legal because in the end it still laid on the grounds of the random principle.

Today, things aren’t that much different even though we work within the digital spectrum. In modern machines the chances are encoded onto chips placed by the manufacturer. If a certain number is hit (chosen at random from the random number generator at the precise moment someone presses the button), then that number corresponds on a symbol or a combination of symbols.

How Does It Work


When you press the button, the random number determines the symbols you will see on the screen. There are more numbers for the unfavorable combinations than there are for the favorable ones, but the casino has to make a profit, right?

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It’s in the interest of the player to know that the odds are against him and that there can’t be a system to beat them (because how do you beat a random number generator?). The introduction of random number generators changed things a lot and is quite possibly one of the most significant advances in the area.

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