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Slots Symbols

Here you will learn more about the slots symbols: classic or traditional, special symbols and wild slots symbols. We’ve mostly focused on the negatives of the Slots game so far and for a good reason – the Slot machines have many antagonistic attributes with very few redeemable qualities. That being said, we are still inclined to give the game the benefit of the doubt and help you (to at least some extent) even the odds if you really want to defeat the one-armed bandit. Keep in mind that no matter what anyone tells you (including us) the odds will never be in your favor – this is just how things are. However, we can provide our knowledge, wisdom and assistance to level the field to at least a small degree, which let us tell you this – is no small feat.

The more you know about Slots, the more likely you are to stay away from these money-grabbing automatons. However, if you truly want to play the game for one reason or another, the least we can do is give you a bit of information that can help you defeat this formidable opponent. There are several distinct features of the machines you need to be aware of. All odds are bad, but not all odds have been created equal. Some are worse than bad so you need to beware.

Special Symbols

As we’ve already explained, Slots work with symbols. Looking at the screen and seeing a certain combination of symbols is how you understand the random number picked when you pressed the button. A favorable number will give you combination of winning symbols. An unfavorable number will give you (you guessed it) a combination of losing or irrelevant symbols. You don’t need to know what the number is – you only need to look at the symbolic representations of that number and you can immediately deduce the outcome.

However, some machines have special symbols characteristic to their own theme that you need to be aware of. For example, the so called Cleopatra-based machines use Egyptian pyramids and so on. Some casinos inquire the manufacturer to substitute the jackpot symbol with the icon of the said casino. This way they hope to condition people into believing that their casino is the best by creating a false association between the victory and casino’s symbol.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, though. The programming of all machines is the same, hence the results these symbols represent are identical from machine to machine. Nonetheless, we decided to explain some symbols because they might confuse or puzzle you based on the enigmatic obscurity of their nature. We’d hate for you to think that you’ve won, for example, only to later realize that you’ve misread the graphic manifestation of the numbers.

Wild Symbols: The so called “wild symbols” are a really neat idea and can increase the chance of the player winning the game (at least at the first glance). A wild symbols is the type of symbol that it can morph itself based on what you need for a winning combination. Let me give you an example. Let’s say a “camel” is your wild symbol. In a normal game you get pyramid, camel, pyramid. In this example, the camel manifests itself as a pyramid so you win. If the other two symbols were something else, then the camel would’ve presented itself into that something else.

A word of advice regarding the wild symbols, though. They don’t complete winning combinations every time. In some cases, the casino can ensure that they don’t complete jackpots or other particular winning combinations. This is specific for each casino so you will have to either ask the staff or look for the information on the machine itself.

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Multipliers are wild symbols, as the name suggests, not only complete, but also multiply a winning combination. They are mainly used in the simpler Slot machines and their objective is to boost the tension. In most cases, they are just the sort of gimmick you could expect from a casino. If you get more of these symbols, the multiplier is multiplied in most cases (for example, if you get double multipliers, the prize is multiplied by 4; if you get 2 triple multipliers, it’s multiplied by 9, etc.). Some casinos offer lots of payout if you get these symbols. The problem is that they are rare and even though it seems like they improve your chances, they are so rare that it’s more likely a catch to keep you playing than anything else. Still, should you concern yourself with playing on a machine with a multiplier, go for double or triple. They are more common than their higher counterparts. Don’t keep your hopes up, though.

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