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Slots Tournaments

A Slots tournament is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Usually tournaments would bid players against one another and will be based on skill and proficiency in a certain area. There is a steep competition with everyone being hell-bent on winning and competitors have to train long and hard for even a shot at victory. However, things are a bit different in a Slots tournament.

Yes, the atmosphere might be exciting and the whole idea – alluring, but at the end of the day, there is nothing in this sort of tournament that requires any skill. You just have to sit in front of special Slot machines, bet and press the buttons as fast as you can in order to get as many tokens as possible. No skill, no preparation. Simple as that.

Usually anyone can participate in this special event, if they can pay the entry fee (which isn’t a problem in most cases). If you’re a Slots Club of the casino organizing the tournament, then you might be given a bit of an advantage such as free entry, extra tokens, as well as being informed in advance about the event.

Playing with Tokens Instead of Money

Tournament Slots are a bit different from normal Slots, mainly because they play with tokens and not money. The goal in the end is to accumulate as many tokens as you can. The winner is the player with the most tokens gathered within the given time-frame, which can span from hours to days.


You will have to check the additional details yourself about how long the tournament lasts, is the entire entry fee going in the prize fund (sometimes casinos offer do take a percentage of the prize), are foods and drinks included in the entry fee and more. These things are rather specific so we can’t give you universal information about them other than the fact that you will have to check them with the casino.

If you’re interested in “competing” in a Slots tournament, there are a few things you can do. If you’re a frequent visitor of your local casino and like to play Slots, you can join the Slots Club, in which case you will be able to enter the tournament and will be notified about it in advance. If you’re not a loyal client of a specific casino but you want to add some spicy moment to your otherwise dull work trip to Vegas (hey, it happens), you can phone in and ask different casino managers about such tournaments. These events are usually advertised, so a bit of online research can do you wonders. Other than that, there isn’t much more you can do in order to join these fantastic events.

Reasons for Tournament Organization

Why do casinos organize these tournaments? Well, there are several reasons. First of all, the casino might pocket some of the prize money which is in some cases not too bad for the house. Even if they don’t, however, there are other unseen (from your perspective) benefits. Special events mean more people going to the casino at the night of the event. This means that more people are likely to play and lose their money. As for the tournament, itself, it’s played with special machines that offer more winnings.


This means that you will more frequently win when you play, which the casino doesn’t care about because they aren’t losing any money. The game becomes rather stimulating and packed with action. The atmosphere is exhilarating. People are excited. There is lots of jumping, screaming, dancing and high-fiving going around. Everyone is having a good time. This is the perfect mental trap.

If you’re having a good time at a certain moment in that casino, two things are bound to happen: one, you will associate having a good time with the casino itself; and more importantly, you are going to want to recreate that excitement and electric atmosphere so while you wait to see if you’ve won, you will probably go and play the real Slots, for real money. You, as well as many others.

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Slots Tournaments

And since you want to recreate a certain sensation, you are going to play quickly and without thinking, thus losing a lot. Whatever happens, the house always wins. The only way you can be victorious in such a scenario is to know what the house is up to, and exploit what they’re giving you without falling for their traps. And now that we’ve explained what the traps are, we hope that you will be able avoid them.

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