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Slots Types

Here you will learn more about all types of slots: classic 3 reel slots, progressive jackpot slots, special 4 reel slots, video and multi line slots.

There is a wide variety of Slot machines. Here are some of them:

Classic 3-reel with Fixed Jackpot

This is what you might call a classic. This is a very common style of machine and it allows you to play from one to three coins per spin (although some variations allow up to nine coins per spin). The more coins you insert, the bigger your prize will be (proportionately), although this may not apply to the jackpot. We’ve already explained that you have a minuscule chance of winning so we advise you not to play maximum coins. If you do it and win, you will win more – that’s a fact. However, if you lose (which is the case more often than not), then you will also lose more. By definition as you play Slots you will lose more than you win, hence the whole idea of playing maximum coins is clearly absurd.


Classic 3-reel with Bonus Awards for Maximum Coins

Disregard everything we said about maximum coins if you want to play on these machines. In this case, you actually gain a certain advantage if you bet maximum coins, which means that if you’re playing on a Slot machine of this variety, it’s a good idea to bet the maximum coins. This way you get a bigger chance of winning. However, machines of this type are becoming increasingly rare. A bit of warning – even though you get a certain advantage, don’t expect that you will win every time.


Classic 3-reel with a Progressive Jackpot

We’ve talked about progressive jackpots several times already but in the interest of clarity, we will explain what sort of animal this is and how it works so you don’t have to search for it in other sections of our (although we encourage you to browse them either way because you will find a lot of useful information). Progressive jackpots start with a base amount and then with every coin the machine wins from the player, the jackpot increases by a small margin. In a sense, a percentage of your losses will go into the pocket of the eventual lucky winner in the end.


The thing about progressive jackpots is that they only pay the full amount if you bet maximum coins, so this is another type of machine where you will have to bet if you want to make something out of it. However, we feel compelled to warn you that these machines mean business. The jackpot is notoriously hard to hit and you won’t be able to make your bets from smaller prizes, either, because there are less small prizes than in other Slots. The reason for this is that, like we’ve said, a portion of what the machine gets from you goes into the progressive jackpot. This translates into smaller net profit for the casino, which is why the machines offer smaller and less common prizes. In a sense, you have to play for the jackpot and not expecting to win anything.

The progressive jackpot can be for a single machine or a whole roll of connected machines. If it’s for a single one, then you will see it displayed on the top of the automaton. If it’s for a row, you will see it displayed above the row. The machines will be interconnected which means that all of them will offer very little in return other than the jackpot. They will all follow the same barbarous rules set by the progressive jackpot. Slots of this sort are cruel beyond measure. You won’t get anything out of this soulless bandit unless you hit the jackpot.

WAPS (Usually 4-reel Classic Slots)

WAPS stands for Wide Area Progressive Slots. It has the same principle progressive jackpot Slots have, but on a much, much grander scale. Normal progressive jackpot Slots accumulate the jackpot from one machine, or a row, but this monstrosity goes way beyond that. It’s not a roll, or even a whole casino – it’s machines spread all over the state or even the entire country. The jackpot is usually enormous but at the end of the day it’s not like you’re just going to win it. The chances of winning the National Lottery are bigger than winning the WAPS jackpot, and the chances of getting struck by lightning on the way to the store to buy a lottery ticket are actually bigger than winning it so think about that next time you imagine winning millions and millions of dollars.


Apply everything we’ve told you about the Slots with a progressive jackpot and multiply it by a lot. These machines offer the absolutely worst odds and the only reason anyone would even approach them is because people believe themselves to be lucky. This is not the case in most instances so what most likely will happen if you do decide to play is that you will go through your bankroll faster than a professional athlete gets to the finish line in 100m dash. The only proper way to play these odds is to step in, go for a few rounds and hope that you win. If you don’t, walk away and spare yourself the awful experience of wasting all that money on a fantasy.

There is also one more thing we need to warn you about. If you do win (if that’s the case, then congratulations, you lucky devil), you won’t get the full amount of money all at once. There are several procedures that have to do with checking if the game was legit and there was no tampering with the machine, as well as other bureaucratic operations that ensure that they are giving the money to the right man (or woman). After all of this, they still won’t give you the full amount, but rather a percentage and then will keep paying you for the years to come. We assume that if you’re that position, you wouldn’t really care about protocol, but we decided to inform you either way.

Classic Slots and Video Slots, with Accumulator Bonuses

These one-armed bandits aren’t that much in the business of stealing. Oh, no, they are far, far worse. They are prominent representatives of the blackmailers’ guild. We know it may sound a bit confusing at first, but we will explain it all in just a minute.

The thing about these accumulator bonuses is as follows – you can only win them if you accumulate the full number of symbols required for a victory in the so-called “bank”. This means that as you play the machine, you accumulate symbols and if you get enough of these, you win. If not, you are leaving your half-full bank to the next player who might be lucky enough to pick up the bonus.


In some cases, players consciously search for machines with half-full banks so they can have a better chance at winning. We know it seems harmless, but this is where the blackmailing nature of this style of game becomes rather apparent. Consider the psychology of such a game – you go to the machine and pour a certain amount of money into it but you don’t win and then you leave the bonus for someone else. Why would you do that? It seems illogical. It’s far better for you to keep playing and win the bonus than leave the machine. Or at least that’s what the designers of this diabolical invention want you to think. It’s simply ridiculous how much people are sometimes willing to spend just so they can make sure they don’t clear the way to success for someone else. We’ve seen people spend as much as several times more than the bonus itself in order to collect it.

Think about it just for a second – you spend more to get less. It is absurd. We seriously advise you to stay away from these machines because in most cases they are money-wasters. The psychological games their makers play with you is insulting. The main idea is to keep you playing again and again, in the end spending more than you initially would have. The bank is a nice way to incentivize more spending. It encourages you to spend extra time in front of the machine in futile attempts to win the bonus which is most cases not really worth it. You will do well if you stay away from these Slots.

3- and 4-reel Classic Slots, with Bonus Games

These Slots offer yet another set of terrible odds stacked against the player masquerading as opportunities. This is truly ridiculous. The idea is that if you hit a certain symbol (usually on the last reel), then there is a bonus game where you can win something. The most common case is the wheel of fortune. Behind its embellished appearance and visual stimulation caused by all the flashing lights and bright colors, the wheel of fortune hides a dire truth – that it’s all just smoke and mirrors. Your prize has been decided by the random number generator the moment you hit the symbol and there is nothing that can change that. Just like the spinning of the reels is just for show, so is the spinning of the wheel of fortune. And of course, just like in the other cases of terrible odds, you’re better of staying away from these machines because winning big is rather unlikely. Every time the game attempts to create an illusion of giving you more than it actually does, you should pay close attention and stay away from it.

Video Slots, with Multi-line and Multi-coin Functions

We are getting to the part where the manufacturers start insulting the intelligence of the player. It’s true that everybody likes to win, and this is what the makers of these one-armed bandits are trying to use against you. These machines offer you a huge chance of winning. You will win almost every time you put a coin in. However, although it may sound profitable, you need to remember that there is no such thing as “profitable Slots”.


You’ve probably already figured out that there is a catch and we will tell you what it is and why we have such a big problem with these machines. Remember when we said that if the game is trying to create the illusion that you’re winning, you’re better off staying away (you should remember, it was in the last paragraph after all)? Well, this is the archetype of what we meant. Slots of this type give you prizes almost all the time, but in most cases these prizes are way less than what you paid. In a sense, instead of giving you real winning, they are fooling you with bubblegums and lollipops so you can keep playing, while all the exciting lights and exhilarating sounds play again and again as the credits fall on the ground.

The punch line of this joke is that these machines can make you bet lots of credits on different lines so you can increase your chance of winning. In a sense, it’s like making all the bets on a Craps table – we mean, yeah, you will probably win something, but you will lose everything else and this small victory is going to be extremely expensive. These machines work with different denominations from a penny to $5 dollars and more but keep in mind that even the one that works with pennies can cost you a lot per spin simply because you are making so many bets at once. You won’t even notice when you’ve gone through your bankroll.

The way this all works is very intricate at the first glance, and I must say it masks the way they rip you off pretty well. The machine allows you to bet from one to ten coins on a single spin, then choose from one to twenty possible paylines of different shapes. Like we’ve said, you can bet a lot (as much as 200 credits) on a single spin. Many so called Slots experts would even advise you to always bet maximum coins because that raises your chance of success. Does it really, though? Well, of course it does! That’s the point! They want you to bet 20 times more than you would’ve be elsewhere so they give you a small prize and keep the rest of your money. It’s an ingenious way to fool you, but we know that you won’t fall for their traps because we’ve already warned you about them.

Many of these video slots also carry a bonus game, because hey, why not? If they are going to create an illusion that you’re winning a fortune while you’re spending your entire bankroll, they might as well work for it. The bonus games work just like we explained above only this time the symbols might be scattered all around the place (encouraging you to bet on more lines). Nothing else is too different.

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The chance of winning something of worth is pretty small, as usual. The idea is to make you bet as much as you can for the shortest amount of time so they can get all your money while you’re still thinking that you stand a chance of winning. All of this works until you spend your entire bankroll. This is when the house wins the game. There is a bonus game, however, which is when you actually decide to go ahead and get more money. This is when the house wins the bonus game as you’re emptying your bank account. We offer you free tip in regards to that: never, ever, under any circumstances, get more money. Once you spend your bankroll, you’ve lost a lot, but you will lose even more if you continue playing. Our advice is to just go home, relax and forget about Slots for a while.

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