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Standing a Hand

When playing Blackjack (and hoping to win), it is important to understand things like ‘options’; especially when it comes to hitting or standing (splitting and doubling as well). These types of decisions should not be made hastily, and on any sort of hunches, guesses or even interventions from the Almighty. All Blackjack strategies, both old and new, were at some point thought up by capable game theorists and mathematicians; so players know exactly how, when and why to hit or stand. You can find these “strategy cards” on almost any casino floor (or if you are playing on the internet, the website itself).

Casino will indeed allow, even encourage players to consult their strategy card every time they they sit at a table. Even professional players follow this basic hit/stand/double/split/surrender guide, fir it has been tested time and time and again (and proven to actually work)! In this guide, we are going to be looking at the “whys” and “whats” of when standing, and the role it has in conventional blackjack strategies.

When Can I Stand?

A player is allowed to stand at any moment during the game. Unlike a hit, a split or a double down, this move needs no special clearance from the casino rulebook. You can stand as soon as you are dealt your hand, or at any stage of the game from there on. A player can stand after a hit, split or a double down; which in turn indicates the end of his play.

When Can’t I Stand?

A player cannot stand in situations where it is not logical to do so. For example, a player cannot stand after hitting a blackjack (having 21 implies that the player is all set on cards). A player also cannot stand after a surrender, for he no longer has a hand to forfeit. Last but not lest, a player cannot stand after going over 21.

Why Should I Stand?

By choosing to stand, a player at least knows he wont bust. A bust refers to the player going over 21, which usually results from another great move we all know and love – the hit. By choosing to hit a player is trying to beat the dealer by coming as close to 21 as possible. By choosing to stand, a player is keeping his total low, and hoping that in the end the dealer will be the one to bust.

When Should I Stand?

For each individual variation of the game, there are the special ‘strategy cards’ we mentioned earlier, as well as some ‘common’ scenarios where standing is indeed the best option to choose. For one, a player must always stand if he has a total of 17+ in his hand (Single-Deck, dealer hits on soft 17) , regardless of what the dealer is showing. Standing is also encouraged in all hard hands (15+), when the dealer is showing a 6 or less.

If the dealer is showing a 3, then it is much more favourable to stand on 13+. When the dealer is showing an Ace, you have to play aggressively and have a strong hand in order to win, even if he doesn’t hit a Natural. Stand only after you have a good 17+ in your hand (remember, with an Ace as his top card, the dealer can’t bust). If the dealer has a 10 Card (J, K, Q), there is still 1-in-13 chance of him hitting a blackjack. Hit on everything below 17. Stand on all 17+. Always stand on hard hands that are 19+ (the strategy involving a soft 19+ vary from game to game).

The Dealer
As we know from basic Blackjack 101, the dealer must either hit on Soft 17s or stand on all 17s, depending on the casino/game. Hitting on Soft 17, basically means that the dealer must always hit if he has an Ace, and a 6 or less as his other card.

The alternative is referred to as to stand on all 17s, which means that once the dealer has 17 (regardless of whether there is an Ace involved), he must stand and not draw any more cards. Standing on all 17s actually gives the player about 0.25%+ advantage!

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